Roberto Esquivel Cabrera: Meet The Man With An 18.9-Inch Long Penis

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is a fifty-four year-old man from Saltillo, Mexico with an extraordinary gift. According to multiple reports, Cabrera very well could have the worlds largest penis. How large you ask? The video below (NSFW) shows Roberto Esquivel Cabrera measuring his penis to be a whopping 18.9-inches long.

Nobody can deny that Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has the worlds largest penis, but the Guinness Book of World Records has not officially given him the title. “I want to go to the Guinness to get recognition”, Roberto said in a recent interview with Barcroft TV. “I am famous because I have the biggest penis in the world”.



Roberto Esquivel Cabrera

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s penis first hit the mainstream media back in 2015 when the video of him measuring the length of his penis went viral. “Look where it is, it goes far below the knee”, he proclaims.

His enormous manhood has not done him many favors however. In fact, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera even refers to his third leg as a “dead limb”. “I cannot wear a uniform like anybody in the companies and also I cannot get on my knees,” Roberto Esquivel Cabrera told Barcroft TV. “I cannot run fast and so the companies think badly of me.”

Roberto even added that his penis is too big for him to kneel and pray in church. “I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am a disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support.” Robert currently lives off of local food banks.

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Despite the pain and suffering his worlds largest penis has caused him, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has no intentions of getting penis reduction surgery. The Daily Mail reports that it’s a matter of pride. “In Latin culture whoever has the bigger penis is more macho. I am happy with my penis, I know nobody has the size I have.”


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Worlds Biggest Dick

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Worlds Biggest Penis


I know what you are thinking, 18.9-inches does not seem humanly possible. According to The Daily Mail, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s penis glands only stretch 6 to 7 inches. The remaining 11.9 inches are predominantly inflammation, blood vessels and excess foreskin. “The glands themselves are only six to seven inches from the pubic. It doesn’t go all the way through the foreskin. The rest of the tissue found there is foreskin and blood vessels and some inflammation of the skin that he has made through the years.” Radiologist Jesus Pablo Gilmore said, “Our findings on the CT scan were that he has very large foreskin, it goes almost to the knee”.

Doctors learned that Roberto has been [incorrectly] using penis weights since he was a teenager. “He began with this enlargement since he was a teenager, wrapping some bands around his penis with some weights and trying to stretch it”, says Dr. Gonzalez, a local doctor who was called upon to verify the size and weight of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s penis. “He was obsessed with the penis length”.

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All that extra foreskin means that Roberto is constantly plagued with urinary tract infections because all of his urine cannot escape his endless foreskin. To make matters worse, Roberto reportedly keeps his penis wrapped in bandages in order to avoid chaffing. He even has to sleep with his penis laying on a small pillow in order to rest comfortably.


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Worlds Largest Penis

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera


Don’t feel bad for Roberto Esquivel Cabrera just yet however. According to The Sun, Roberto was deported from the United States in 2001 after committing a litany of acts of indecent exposure. At least one of which included him exposing himself to two underage girls. Yikes!

Despite his criminal past, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has his eyes set on a return to the United States. But this time he wishes to become a porn star. “…I know in the U.S. there is a lot of women. One of them will be the right size for me. I would like to be a porn star and I think I would make a lot of money over there.”

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The details have not surfaced, but apparently an American-based adult entertainment company reached out to Roberto Esquivel Cabrera to help fund the penis reduction surgery, of course to make it easier for him to perform sexual acts on screen. But to everyone’s surprise Roberto rejected the offer.


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Side View Worlds Largest Penis

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Standing Worlds Biggest Dick


To this day Roberto Esquivel Cabrera simply cannot have sex, his penis is just too big. “Some people ask me if I put some condoms on it and the answer is: I cannot. I can never penetrate anyone because it is too thick.”

Roberto says that he tried to have sex with women on two occasions while living in the United States, but “the first woman backed out as soon as she saw his penis and the other one had to stop because it was too painful.”

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What do you think? Should Roberto get penis reduction surgery? Drop a comment below with your answer.

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