Penis Pumping: 100% Factual Advice, Tips, & Trusted Retailers For 2017

Penis pumps, often referred to as vacuum constriction devices (VCD), are external devices used to help men achieve rock hard erections. Most penis pump users suffer from erectile dysfunction and use penis pumping as a way to maintain an erection longer, but kinky couples looking to experiment new things in bed also enjoy using penis pumps as well.

Before you purchase your next vacuum constriction device and begin penis pumping, there are some things you should know about penis pumping. The following article aims to teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about penis pumping.

Side note, if you have any experiences with penis pumping that I neglected to mention on this page, please let me know about it in the comment section below. I’m always curious to learn about other’s experiences!

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

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As you can imagine, there are so many penis pumps for sale these days that it would be impossible for me to test drive all of them. After all, I don’t have enough money to be buying so many penis pumps! Please be aware that I significant experience with each of the best penis pumps listed above and only recommend them because of they were beneficial to me. I was not paid to put one of these best penis pumps ahead of another.


Penis Pumping Guide

This article aims to teach everything you need to know about penis pumps: The components, how to choose the best penis pump, penis pump myths, why (or why not) you should be using a VCD, risks and side effects associated with penis pumping, and of course how to use a penis pump.

I’ve also included a few penis pumps that I believe work best for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

And like I mentioned before, if you have any questions at all, ask away in the comment section.


Penis Pump Components

If you want to purchase the most effective VCD pump, make sure to check out the most effective VCD pump components listed below:

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  • The Chamber – This plastic tube/ cylinder is available in many sizes. The purchaser should per-measure the girth and length of his penis beforehand and pick the corresponding penis pump size. We recommend buying a penis pump that has at least 1/4 inches of space between your penis and the edge of the chamber. Furthermore, we recommend penis pumping novice’s to order clear/see-through penis pumps as you will be to see how the process works and you’ll be able to spot any problems if something happens to go wrong.
  • The Pump – The pump is used to remove air from the chamber and to ultimately increase blood flow to the penis. You can buy penis pumps that have hand powered pumps, or battery powered pumps. Note: Hand powered penis pumps are often cheaper since the penis pumping process is done manually.
  • The Band – Used to constrict the penis and increase blood flow to the penis, the band should fit properly around the base of your penis once erect.


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How To Choose The Right Penis Pump

Many penis pumps available online and in print sex advertisements are unsafe and ineffective.

Regardless of the penis pump you buy, make sure that the vacuum has a limiter. A vacuum limiter keeps the penis pump’s pressure from getting too high, which can hurt the user.

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We advise that you ask your doctor which penis pump they recommend, or you can check out my list of recommended penis pumps below. Note: None of the penis pumps below require a prescription!


Penis Pumping Myths

For some odd reason, men believe that using a penis pump everyday will lead to permanent penis length and girth gains.

This is very false. Penis pumping provides temporary support and benefits that are proven to fulfill your sexual desires. Just because the results are temporary doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase a penis pump though.

Penis pumping will certainly please both you and your sexual partner.

If you would like to get long term penis length and girth gains as well, please check out my page on penis exercising.

And just to make sure the message is clear, again I will say it – penis pumping only provides short-term results. You will not be able to fully cure erectile dysfunction using a penis pump.


Hydromax X-Series Best Penis Pumps
Source: Hydromax, Penis Pumping Infographic


Why You Should Start Penis Pumping

Penis pumping can be a good treatment for people with erectile dysfunction for many reasons. Here is my list of the best penis pumping reasons:

  • Penis Pumps Are Inexpensive – Unlike other forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction, penis pumping is incredibly cheap. After your initial penis pump purchase, the rest of the process is free!
  • Penis Pumping Is Less Intrusive – No medication, no surgery, nothing shoved into the tip of your penis. Using a VCD is far less intrusive.
  • Penis Pumping Is Less Risky – Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatments, penis pumping has a tiny (if not zero) percent chance of additional complications or side effects.
  • Penis Pumping Works! – When done correctly, penis pumping will provide you and your partner with the results you want.


Penis Pumping Risks

While penis pumping is certainly recommended for people with erectile dysfunction, there are a few risks associated with penis pumping. These penis pump risks include:

  • Sickle Cell Anemia / Blood Disorder Risks – If you are susceptible to blood clots or bleeding, consult your doctor prior to partaking in penis pumping.
  • Blood Thinning Medication – Men taking blood thinning medication are at an increased risk of bleeding while using a penis pump.


Penis Pumping Side Effects

There are quite a few side effects associated with penis pumping. Here are just a few of the side effects you may experience while using a Vacuum Constriction Device:

  • Bruising And Other Pains – Bruising and other pains typically occur when a penis pump is used for too long, or at an unsafe speed. To avoid this side effect, simply read your penis pump’s instruction manual and learn exactly how your penis pumps works.
  • Unnatural Erections – While this is rare, men have come to me and said that they have experienced erections that “did not feel right”. I’m not exactly sure what this means (because I’ve never had any unnatural erections), but I can imagine this is also a result of over-using your penis pump. So again, read your penis pump’s instruction manual and you should not experience this problem.
  • Red Dots – Red dots are caused by under-the-skin bleeding as a result of excessive penis pumping.


Is Penis Pumping Right For You?

Whether you have erectile dysfunction, or if you are just interested in using a penis pump for fun, you must first determine if penis pumping is safe to do. Here are two questions you’ll need to ask yourself prior to purchasing a penis pump:

  • Do You Have Any Illnesses? – Like I mentioned above, men taking blood thinning medication are at an increased risk of bleeding when using a penis pump. Furthermore, if you are susceptible to blood clots or bleeding, consult your doctor prior to partaking in penis pumping.
  • Do You Have Any Injuries / Have You Had Any Injuries? – Have you ever had any injuries that involved your testicles, prostate, or penis? If so, penis pumping may not be a smart idea.


How To Use A Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is fairly straightforward, but there are still a few steps that trip guys up. The following process outlines exactly how to start penis pumping:

  • First Step – Place your penis pump’s cylindrical chamber over your penis.
  • Next Step – Using the battery operated (or hand operated) pump, create a vacuum inside the chamber in order to increase blood flow to the penis.
  • Step #3 – Once erect, slip the rubber constriction ring on around the base of your penis.
  • Step #4 – Remove the Vacuum Constriction Device.
  • Last Step – Enjoy!

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Note: I would not leave the constriction ring on for more than 25 minutes



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Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this article! As always, if you have any questions about penis pumping that you’d like to ask me, feel free to drop a comment down below. And like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, if you know of any penis pumps that are worth mentioning, please let me know. I’m always looking to try out new erectile dysfunction products. Thanks! — Benjamin

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