Ivanka Trump Measurements

Regardless of your political views, Ivanka Trump’s breasts give everyone in the United States a pair of very good reasons to be thankful for a Trump presidency.

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York City, Ivanka Trump is a former fashion model and businesswomen of German and Czech descent.

Although her father is the most famous member of the bunch, Ivanka is no stranger to the public spotlight either.

Ivanka had her big start in modeling back in 1997 by appearing on the cover of American magazine Seventeen. Since then she has gone on to appear in countless runway fashion shows for companies like Thierry Mugler, Versace, and Marc Bouwer. She’s even been listed in Maxim’s Hot 100 and AskMen’s Top 99 Women – both of which are lists that showcase the sexiest women in the world.

Ivanka isn’t just accomplished in modeling however. In 2007, the heiress partnered with a diamond vendor Dynamic Diamond Corp., in order to create Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, a line of high-end diamond and gold jewelry accessories.

Her taste for fashion doesn’t stop there either.

Today, while simultaneously working as the Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization, Ivanka is also selling her own personal line of women’s fashion items – a line that includes handbags, clothes, shoes, accessories… and scarves.

Check out the official Ivanka Trump measurements, height, net worth, and more down below!

Photo: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Measurements

In 2006 rumors swirled that Ivanka had gone under the knife and purchased a new nose and pair of breasts. Both of which were very obvious given her appearance at the Golden Globes in 2007 (pictured later in this article). Here are Ivanka Trump’s measurements: 40-27-36, size 6 dress, size 9.5 shoe, 36D bra size, and her weight is 135 pounds. Ivanka credits her beauty to her personal trainer, long time friend, and former Rockette, Rhonda Malkin. Lastly, Ivanka has light brown eyes, blonde hair, and is of German, Scottish, and Czech descent.

Ivanka Trump Boobs

Like we mentioned above, Ivanka Trump wears a 36D brasserie; an enormous upgrade from her previous set of A cup breasts.

Ivanka Trump Topless

To this day, there is only one Ivanka Trump topless photo. In February of 2000 while strutting her stuff down the runway of the Anand Jon Fall 2000 Collection Fashion show, Ivanka had a wardrobe malfunction that caused her dress to become loose. The result? A glorious Ivanka Trump nip slip. Unfortunately for us all, this incident occurred long before Ivanka went under the knife in order to get breast implants.

Ivanka Trump Nude

Sadly, the only Ivanka Trump nude picture to ever surface was the infamous nip slip picture taken by Globe Photos Inc. back in 2000. To this day there have not been any leaked Ivanka Trump nude photos, videos, or any other kind of media.

Ivanka Trump Height

Everyone in the Trump family is quite tall. Donald Trump (father) stands at just over 6’3″, Melania Trump (step-mom) is 5’11”, Ivana Trump (mother) is 6’0″, and Ivanka Trump is also 5’11”. Eric (brother) and Donald Jr. (brother) stand in at 6’5″ and 6’1″ respectively.

Ivanka Trump Net Worth

Heiress to the Trump fortune, unofficial Ivanka Trump net worth estimates indicate that she is worth approximately $150 million. “I look at my brothers and myself and I’m, like, really proud of the fact that nobody’s, like, totally f*cked-up. Nobody’s a drug addict, nobody’s driving around chasing women, snorting coke. There’s something amazing about that. And you know, this isn’t to pat myself on the back, but I could be a lot worse.” said Ivanka in an interview with GQ back in 2007. Ivanka doesn’t sit around and spend the family’s fortune, she works hard to further the family’s legacy. And so does everyone else in the family apparently.

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